Like No Other Boarding School Before

A key feature of our vision is the building not only a modern school but also a modern boarding school. Our team has brought together expertise from both boarding schools in the U.S. (Andover, Cranbrook) and the U.K. (Harrow, Eton, Wycombe Abbey) to build a program that combines the tried-and-true practices of traditional boarding schools with Whittle’s robust advisory system and a residential life program designed for curiosity, growth, and exploration…using the city as a classroom, laboratory, and playground,


Step Out
Into the City

Being global is not only about being able to speak a foreign language. The challenges and opportunities of the modern world demand a global perspective- one that provides them with the skills to navigate multiple cultures — particularly the unique skills of navigating an urban environment. Our Global City Core programs, occurring on our signature Expeditionary or “X Days,” will explore the local community in order to understand our global community. Our City Core experiences are embedded in our core Humanities, STEM and Arts programs, taking the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom and mastering them through real-world application.

Spaces Designed for Community

Renzo Piano Building Workshop is best known for its simple, yet beautiful buildings in major cities around the world, including Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Shard in London, the New York Times Building and the Whitney Museum in New York, and the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Whittle School & Studios will be the first K-12 school by Renzo Piano (across all of our campuses) and is designed to maximize natural light and orient the school around communal spaces, much like an Italian piazza.


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Make New Friends
Around the World

Boarding students at Whittle have an experience at not only one campus and not only in one city, but across multiple spaces and places. Through our Global Exchange program, students will develop lifelong friendships and have everlasting experiences not just one, but multiple cities of the world. Our boarding students will be encouraged to spend time at our campuses around the world, immerse themselves in our communities across borders, and deepen their understanding of other cultures.