The next-generation boarding school.


Our hopes are high and by them we are bound together.

We are creating an extraordinary and unique school, the first truly modern institution serving children from age three to 18 and the first global one. We want to change for the better the lives of those students who attend and, beyond our own campuses, contribute to the cause of education on every continent. We measure our merit not through the narrowness of exclusivity but through the breadth of our impact. Learn more about the Whittle School & Studios mission here.



One school, many campuses.

In the fall of 2019, our first two campuses will open, in Shenzhen China, and Washington, D.C. By 2026, we plan to expand to a system of 36 major campuses in the world’s leading cities. Designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop of Genoa, Italy, each campus will have 600,000 square feet and serve students from around the globe.


An extraordinary team.

Over the past three years, our team has worked to build at all levels an extraordinary group of leaders from across the world. Believing that diversity makes us stronger, we’ve worked to weave together a team of different cultures, genders, and generations, including former heads of school at leading preparatory schools, leaders of the world’s top universities, and teachers that have dedicated their work to the science of learning.

Visit our main website to learn more about our founding leadership team and the advisory boards that have guided our organization.


We believe the team and resources assembled here have a unique opportunity to achieve something extraordinary, a truly modern school that connects cultures worldwide.
— Benno Schmidt, Co-Chair of Global Advisory Board and Former President of Yale University